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I and my man, Mike have been married for 8 years and believe me, we have seen it all. I love him and I feel he loves me too but something wasn’t right anymore. That spark we had when we first met was no longer there, intimacy have become boring and more of a routine after having our two kids. I and hubby have talked about this and nothing seemed to be working, we even went on vacation but that didn’t change anything. We simply gave up believing that marriage and relationships become boring with time and it’s natural or normal to feel that way after some time.

As a last resort, I spontaneously decided to go by Nike’s advice. Nike is my best friend. Couple of months ago after ranting about how boring marriage is, she advised me to ditch my over-used PJs and try wearing some sexy lingerie for Mike but I laughed it off. Nike always said, “do some TLC for Mike”. I have worn lingerie for Mike exactly one time, and it was a relatively conservative thingy with lots of padding. In other words, I’m not really a lingerie person. It’s not that it doesn’t appeal to me. It’s just that the few times I wore it, I felt fake, and honestly, I feel better naked. However, at this point I was willing to try anything to get my man back no matter how stupid I may look or feel. Besides, I see Mike unconsciously stare at some sexy ladies even though he doesn’t admit it.

I immediately got to work and named my mission, #TLCMIKE. I also felt a little silly dressing up for someone who’d seen me naked so many times and could describe my PJs with his eyes closed. It didn’t also help that Mike had once told me he is “not that into lingerie” but I made up my mind to proceed with my mission anyways.

My first line of action was to raid OMG! It’s Nigeria’s online lingerie store with the sexiest, luscious and trendiest lingerie at a very affordable price so I didn’t have to break the bank while shopping for these apparels. In a couple of hours, a bag of brand-new lingerie was brought to my home and I got down to business.

NIGHT 1: I set my plan rolling with a dinner at an exquisite restaurant. When we got back as Mike was brushing his teeth, I slipped into a red deep plunge satin babydoll. The second Mike saw me, he drew me to himself and starting kissing me immediately and so passionately. I was shocked. It was obvious he loved what he saw and I liked it too. What happened the rest of the night is better imagined. Mike even said, “Can you wear it every night? It really turns me on.” I laughed. It was only night one — he had no idea what was in store for him. And I didn’t tell him.

NIGHT 2: On the second night I was a bit scared that Mike will be a bit fatigued after the marathon on the first night. I chose to wear an open back, halter neck lace teddy. Mike was already in bed and I walked in. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Two nights in a row? Am loving this baby, he said. He pulled me into the bed. Hehe

NIGHT 3: I put on my pink lace bra and panties under my lace mesh robe. When Mike walked into the bedroom, his eyes got real wide and he raised his brows. “Three nights?!” We started kissing and he untied my robe and couldn’t wait to see what’s underneath. As soon as he sighted my sultry lacey bra set. Mike muttered, “I love you baby”.

TLC actually got husband to say, “I love you” after all these years? Wow. Mission accomplished. Ultimately, just three nights of sexy, luscious lingerie made me feel immeasurably more comfortable in my skin and my bed. What would happen if I make TLC my lifestyle? I thought.
My marriage, my man, my groove, my sanity, my happiness are all back. Thanks to TLC – THE LINGERIE CITY, Nigeria’s sexiest and trendiest online lingerie store!

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