We asked a couple of ladies how often they wash their lingerie. For most, I got answers like, “For panties, after each use but for bras…eeeemmm…..well….when I feel it’s dirty”.  A woman said, “I buy only black bras so I only have to wash it when the label gets very dirty”. So this got us thinking, may be there should be a guideline on when to wash your bras.

There is no general rule on when best to wash your bras. Some are of the opinion that bras should be washed after wearing it 3 to 7 or 8 times.

However, the usual advice is that you should not wear the same bra two days on the stretch because the elastic in bras need time to reshape. Air each bra when not in use and give it at least 24 hours to reshape before wearing it again to avoid loosing its elasticity. It is advised that a lady should own quite a number of bras to rotate with daily. With adequate rotation, bras should last several wears before washing.

We at TLC, believe the best practice especially for those of us that live in hot regions is to wash your bra whenever you feel you had a sweaty day. Bras sit on the chest, across the back and under the breasts; these are areas which tend to get really sweaty. The sweat decomposes the fiber content of bras as well as cause underwire rusting.

For those that wait for the bra labels to turn brown before washing, please wash your bras more often. It’s good personal hygiene.

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  1. chauncey Roberts

    It’s actually laughable but very true. I am not entirely innocent of this “underwear crime”. Thanks to TLC, learnt something new today…the need to air your bra.

  2. starcola

    This is really true, i must confess, i am guilty as charged.

  3. obyzzzz

    i have the habit of storing coz i assume have alot after this article got to turn anew leaf

  4. Kay

    This is so true… a lot of us are guilty of this. Thank you… TLC; the Lingerie experts for this information.

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